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22000ton lift floating dock for sale
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Price RMB:   23000 Ten thousand RMB Price USD:    3300    Ten Thousand

Flag Country: China

Building Country: China

Main Engine Model:

Generator Model:

Engine Power(Unit:Kw/P):

Size (Unit:m) : 244*48.2*22000

Depth(Unit:m): 5


Builded Manufacturer : china

Navigation Area: Local Sea

Classification Society(CLASS): BV

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22000 lift floating dock for sale

Total length (included in both ends of the platform) (FR-16-FR149) 244.336m

Floating box length (keel pier length) (FRO-FR133) 224.336m

First Platform * (FR133- FR149) 1 O.OOm

Tail platform * (FR-16-FRO) 10.00m

Dock wall * (FRO-FR133) 224.336

Floating dock width 48.2m

The width between the inner dock walls is 38.2m

Inner net width 36.SOm

Dock wall width 5.00m

The top deck is 18.40m away from the baseline

The safety deck is 13.90m away from the baseline

Floating tank height (at centerline/outer dock wall) 5.0/4.Bm

Maximum sinking depth draft/freeboard (at the outer dock wall) 15.00/3.40m

The maximum sinking depth above the keel pier is 8.70m

Boat lifting work draft/freeboard 4.50/0.30m

Keel pier height 1.30m

Keel pier distance 1.19m

Rib pitch (FR-16-FRO, FR 133-FR 149) 0.625m

(FRO-FR46, FR86-FR133) 0.542m

Rib spacing (FR46-FR86) 4.335m

Yan deck beam arch O Om

Pontoon deck beam arch (broken line) 0.2m

Lifting capacity 220000 tons

8 main drainage pumps (displacement x pressure head x number of units) 2500m3/h x 9.3m

Floatation time (lifting a 22000 ton ship to the buoyancy tank deck for about 120 minutes)

2 cranes (20tX12~18m/10tX30m)

32 pressure cutting tanks

Main current/backup current 10kV/380V shore power

design standardized ccs
quotation 33million USD

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