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shaft sealing, steering gear, shaft bearings, steering gear bearings spare parts and services
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Company:DaNa NanTong

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Mr. Yang

Ship&Offshore project Engineering & Survey
China NanTong ship&Offshore Trade Services

Our company is located in Shanghai, China, and is a company that produces and sells ship accessories.

The main business projects include:

1、 Modern factories can produce various ship accessories and provide customers with high-quality products at low prices, forming a wide sales market

2、 Rich inventory reserves and a complete range of commonly used ship accessories, which can meet the needs of different customers at any time

3、 Strong technical support and a strong lineup of engineering and technical services, providing you with technical consultation, after-sales service, and on-site installation and debugging

4、 Loyal service, rapid response, efficient service, new business philosophy, and quality assurance provided to you

5、 Fast supply and convenient and accurate shipping alliance, achieving a combination of supply, transportation, and service

Business Content

1、 Supply of spare parts and equipment for tail shaft sealing, steering gear spare parts, tail bearings, steering gear bearings, safety equipment, and environmental protection devices. For detailed information, please visit our company website or call or write to request product introductions.

2、 Ship repair: Provide navigation and annual repairs, as well as installation and commissioning of equipment for ships at various ports in China· Provide consultation and technical services on difficult ship issues.

86agency undertake international import & export of mechanical and
electrical equipment, ships, offshore projects, floating cranes
Project and equipment,material construction expediting agent in China
Relevant affairs progress management consulting
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Mobile Phone:+86 13186588840

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