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2011 oil vessel sale
Oil Tanker 》》Ship Sale
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Price RMB:   378.8 Ten thousand RMB Price USD:    68    Ten Thousand

Flag Country: China

Building Country: China

Main Engine Model:淄博8170.350KW

Generator Model:

Engine Power(Unit:Kw/P): 350

Size (Unit:m) : 53*9.2*

Depth(Unit:m): 4.1

Draft(Unit:m): 3.5

Builded Manufacturer : china

Navigation Area: Local Sea

Classification Society(CLASS): ZC

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Sell oil tankers with double bottoms and double hulls, heating,
In 2011, Jiangsu construction ship the total length was 53. The width was 9.20 and the depth was 4.10.
Full load draft 3.50, cargo 1,000 tons
mainEngine Zibo 8170.350KW
The next replacement inspection will be in May 2026.

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